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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-5

The battle of Kurukshetra (Mahabharata) was fought for-
a- 21 Days
b- 23 Days
c- 18 Days
d- 16 Days
Answer- c- 18 Days

Seat of the first republic of the world was in-
a- Sparta
b- Vaishali
c- patliputra
d- Athens
Answer- b- Vaishali

Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon at-
a- Sarnath
b- Bodh Gaya
c- Sanchi
d- Patliputra
Answer- a- Sarnath

The term Hindu rate of Growth was coined by-
a- A K Sinha
b- Manmohan Singh
c- Raj Krishna
d- Kirit s Parikh
Answer- c- Raj Krishna

Which Indian river does not form a delta-
a- Tapti
b- Ganges
c- Mahanadi
d- Godavari
Answer- a-Tapti

Silent Valley of Kerala-
a- has costly Timber Trees
b- is a good picnic spot
c- has rare species of plants and animals
d- is a evergreen forest of India
Answer- c- has rare species of plants and animals

The wettest place of India is-
a- Cherrapunji
b- Mawsynram
c- Mahabaleswar
d- Meghalaya
Answer- b- Mawsynram

Who is also reffered as Desert Fox-
a- Bismarck
b- Walter Scott
c- Gen Rommel
d- Eisenhower
Answer- c- Gen Rommel

Jamini Roy is famous as a-
a- Dancer
b- Magician
c- Cartoonist
d- Painter
Answer- d- Painter

With which sports Ryder cup is associated-
a- Cricket
b- Golf
c- Football
d- Badminton
Answer- b- Golf

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