Meghnad Saha : Facts, Biography, Infromation

Meghnad Saha was an Indian astrophysicist. He is famous for discovering the Saha equation or the ionization formula.
Meghnad Saha (1893-1956)
  • He was born on October 6, 1893 in Sheoratali of Dhaka, in non independent India.
  • His father was Jagannath Saha and his mother was Bhubaneshwari Devi. He was the fifth son of his parents. Jagannath Saha had a small grocery store in the village. Being born in a poor family, he had to face a lot of problems.
  • He had done his schooling form Dhaka Collgiate school. Then he took admission in Dhaka College and later in Presidency College, Kolkata.
  • In his life, He had the opportunity to have teachers like Jagadish Chandra Bose, Prafulla Chandra Ray. Famous scientist Satyandranath Bose was his class fellow.
  • In 1917, he joined University College of Science in Calcutta as a lecturer. During this time he formulated the Saha Equation. Later he went to the Imperial College of London.
  • He helped to establish many renowned institutions in India such as- Institute of Nuclear Physics in Calcutta, Physical Department in Allahabad University. He put a lot of effort to start research in Nuclear Physics in India.
  • He also had interest in government works and political affairs. He stood as a candidate in 1952 election and won.
  • He died on 16 February, 1956.

Timeline of Meghnad Saha

1893 Meghnad Saha was born
1905 Joined the Collegiate School
1911 Joined the Presidency college, Calcutta
1913 Earned his B.Sc degree in mathemaics
1915 Got his M.Sc degree in Applied Mathematics
1916 Became lecturer at University College of Science, Calcutta
1918 Married Radharani
1919 He earned the Doctor of Science from the Calcutta University
1920 He published his papers on astrophysical research in the Philosophical Magazine
1923 He joined the University of Allahabad
1927 Became Fellow of the Royal Society
1938 Joined the University of Calcutta as a professor of physics
1949 Founded the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
1952 Became a member of India's parliament
1956 He died in a heart attack