Geographical Position of India: information, location, gk

India is a south Asian country. It is located in the northern hemisphere. India’s co ordinate is 21 Degree North, 78 Degree East.

India and its location
  • India is a large country with area 3,287,264 square kilometer. Area wise it is the seventh largest country of world.
  • India is positioned between the latitudes 8⁰4’ N and 37⁰6’ N. It is positioned between the longitudes 68⁰7’ E and 97⁰25’ E.
  • The southernmost point of India is the Indira point located in the great Nicobar Island. The west extreme point of India is the Guhar Moti located in Kutch, Gujarat. Other two extreme points are in territory disputes between India and China.
  • The lowest point of India is Kuttanad (-2.2 M) located in Kerala and the highest point is Kanchenjunga (8,856 M).
  • India is surrounded by many neighbor countries. In the north- China, Bhutan, Nepal; In the East- Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh; In South- Sri Lanka; In North West- Afghanistan.
  • The three sides of India are surrounded by oceans. In East- Bay of Bengal; In West- Arabian Sea; In South- Indian Ocean.