Indian Air Force: facts,information,general knowledge

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Indian air force is a branch of Indian armed force which protects the Indian airspace from the external attacks. It is the fourth largest air force of world after United States, Russia and China.
  •  Indian air force was established on 8 October, 1932 under the British government. After the independence, the assets of the air force were divided between India and Pakistan.
  • IAF is headed by the Chief of air staff. Other staffs who help the chief of air staff are Vice Chief of the Air Staff, Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, Air Officer in Charge of Administration, Air Officer in Charge of Personnel, Air Officer in Charge of Maintenance, Director General of Inspection and Flight Safety.
  • It is divided into five operational command centers- 1) Central Air Command (CAC), headquartered at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh; 2) Eastern Air Command (EAC), headquartered at Shillong, Meghalaya; 3) Southern Air Command (SAC), headquartered at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala; 4) South Western Air Command (SWAC), headquartered at Gandhinagar, Gujarat; 5) Western Air Command (WAC), headquartered at Subroto Park, New Delhi.
  • Besides the operational command centers, there are two functional command centers- Training Command (TC), headquartered at Bangalore, Karnataka; Maintenance Command (MC), headquartered at Nagpur, Maharashtra.
  • Commands are divided into wings. Wings are further divided into squadrons,flights.
  • The highest achievable rank in the air force is Marshal of the Indian Air Force. Arjan Singh is the only officer who has achieved this rank. Sachin tendulkar is the first civilian (without any aviation background) who was awarded the honorary rank of Group Captain by IAF.

1Air chief Marshal
2Air Marshal
3Air Vice Marshal
4Air Commodore
5Group Captain
6Wing Commander
7Squardron Leader
8Flt. Lieutenant
9Flying officers