Interesting facts and information about Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha is a part of Parliament. It is also called the house of people or the lower house in the parliament.
  • There are 545 members in the Lok Sabha. Out of which 543 members are directly elected from the States (523) and union territories (20). Other two members are selected by Indian president from the Anglo-Indian community. Maximum number of members can be elected for Lok Sabha is 552. Among this 530 from states, 20 from Union Territory and two from Anglo Indian Community
  • No of Members selected from States 523
    No of members selected from Union Territories 20
    No of seats reserved for Scheduled Casts(SC) 84
    No of seats reserved for Schuduled Tribes (ST) 47
    No of seats for Anglo Indian community 2
    Currently the strength of Lok Sabha 545
    Maximum seats of Lok Sabha 552(550 from states and UT & 2 from Anglo Indian community)
  • A person is eligible for the seat of Lok Sabha only if -
  • a) He/she is a citizen of India
    b) His/her age would be greater than 25 years
    c) He/she must not be of unsound mind
    d) He/she must be an elector from any parliamentary constituency
    f) He/she must not hold any profitable post in any government offices.
  • To run the Lok Sabha properly, a speaker and a deputy speaker is elected from the members of Lok Sabha on the first meeting after the election.
  • The members of Lok Sabha are elected for the term of five years. Though in case of emergency this can be extended for a year.
  • The first Lok Sabha was held on 17 April, 1952. Indian Congress won the first election by 75.99% of votes. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister.
  • The quorum (Minimum number of members needed to carry on the meeting of Lok Sabha) of Lok Sabha is 1/10th of its total members. 
  • In a year, Lok Sabha has three sessions (house meeting to conduct business).
  • Session Duration
    Budget Session February to May
    Monsoon Session July to September
    Winter Session November to December
  • "Lok sabha tv" is the lok Sabha's own Tv channel which is headquartered in the premises of parliament.  

Powers of Lok Sabha

  • Any bill (Except Money Bill) can be passed if it is passed in both the houses
  • It has the same power as Rajya Sabha in case of impeachment of president and the judges of supreme court.
  • It has equal power as Rajya Sabha in passing any bill for constitutional amendment.
  • Lok Sabha members has the power to elect the president, vice president.

 Special Powers of Lok Sabha

    1) Money bills can only be passed in Lok Sabha. After a bill is passed in Lok Sabha, it is sent to Rajya Sabha for any recommendations. Rajya Sabha is bound to provide recommendations within 14 days otherwise the bill gets passed automatically. It is up to Lok Sabha to consider or not to consider the recommendations of Rajya Sabha.
    2) Motion of no confidence can only be introduced in Lok Sabha. If it is passed then the prime minister and other council of ministers need to resign from their post.

    Number of Lok Sabha Constituency of Different States and Union Territories

    State/Union Territory Number of Parliamentary seats
    Andhra Pradesh 25
    Arunachal Pradesh 2
    Assam 14
    Bihar 40
    Chhattisgarh 11
    Goa 2
    Gujarat 26
    Haryana 10
    Himachal Pradesh 4
    Jammu and Kashmir 6
    Jharkhand 14
    Karnataka 28
    Kerala 20
    Madhya Pradesh 29
    Maharashtra 48
    Manipur 2
    Meghalaya 2
    Mizoram 1
    Nagaland 1
    Odisha 21
    Punjab 13
    Rajasthan 25
    Sikkim 1
    Tamil Nadu 39
    Telangana 17
    Tripura 2
    Uttar Pradesh 80
    Uttarakhand 5
    West Bengal 42
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands 1
    Chandigarh 1
    Dadra and Nagar Haveli 1
    Daman and Diu 1
    Lakshadweep 1
    NCT of Delhi 7
    Puducherry 1