Important facts and information about Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha is an Indian constitutional body. It is also called the upper house of the parliament.
Rajya Sabha
Rajya Sabha
  • Rajya Sabha has 250 members. Among these 250 members, 238 are representatives of States and union territories. Other 12 members are selected by Indian president according to their achievement in science, arts, literature.
  • A person is eligible as a member of Rajya Sabha only if a) he/she ïs a citizen of India b) his/her age is greater than 30 years c) he/she must be an elector from the state,for which he/she is representing.
  • Vice president of India acts as the chairman of Rajya Sabha. In his absence deputy chairman take care the job of chairman of Rajya Sabha. The person for the post of deputy chairman is elected from the members of Rajya Sabha.
  • The tenure of the member of Rajya Sabha is six years. After every two years, one third of the total members of Rajya Sabha retires.
  • The first sitting in Rajya Sabha held on 13 may,1952. Unlike the lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha is not dissolved.
Functions of Rajya Sabha
  • Any bill (except the money bills) needs to be approved by Rajya Sabha to get passed.
  • It has the same power as lok Sabha, for passing any bill for constitutional amendment.
  • It has power in the impeachment procedure of president and judges of supreme court.