Major Dhyan Chand Singh: biography, facts,information

Major Dhyan Chand Singh also known as "wizard of hockey" was an Indian hockey player. He was one of the best player in the world. He is famous in Indian hockey for his three Olympic gold medals.
  • He was born on 29 August, 1905 in Allahabad during the British government.
    dhyan chand singh
    Dhyan chand Singh (1905-1979)
  • His father was Sameshwar Dutt Singh. His father was a soldier in the British army and a hockey player in the army. He had two brothers-Mool Singh, Roop Singh. Roop Singh was also a great hockey player. Dhyan chand's son Ashok dhyan chand was also a hockey player.
  • He studied in the school for only six years due to his fathers transfer from one place to another. In his childhood he was not so much fond of sports.
  • He joined army only at an age of 16. He was able to do this for his impressive skill in hockey.
  • In the beginning, he played only in the army hockey tournaments. In 1926, he was selected for New Zealand tour as a player of Indian team. They won 18 matches among the 21 matches they played ,lost 1 and 2 were drew. His performance was tremendous in the tournament.
  • He played three times for the Indian hockey team in the Olympics- Amsterdam (1928), Los Angels (1932), Berlin ( 1936). In all the tournaments India won. In the Olympic game of 1932, India won the final match defeating USA by 23-1. It was world record for a long time. Among this 23 goals, dhyan chand's goals were 8. In the final match of Berlin Olympic, dhyan chand played half of the match barefooted to increase his speed. India won the match by 8-1.
  • Dhyan chand was retired from the hockey in 1948. In his career, he had scored more than 1000 goals.
  • In 1956, he was awarded padma bhushan. His birthday is celebrated as Indian sports day.
  • Dhyan chand died on 3 December, 1979. It is very unfortunate that these legendary player was ignored by the nation in his last days. When he was suffering from lung cancer, he was send to general ward of AIMS.