Interesting facts and information about the Election Commission of India

Election Commission of India is a constitutionally established authority which is responsible for conducting elections in India.
  • Election Commission is controlled by chief election commissioner and two other election commissioners.
  • President of India appoints the chief election commissioner for a term of six years or upto the age 65 of election commissioner, whichever is earlier. Other two commissioners are apointed by the decision of both the president and chief election commissioner.
  • At the beginning there was only the chief commissioner in the election commission. On 16 October, 1989 two additional commissioners were appointed for the first time.Election commission became permanently multi member body after the constitution amendment act,1993.
  • The chief election commissioner can be dismissed from his position only through impeachment of parliament. Other two commissioners can be removed by the the president through the recommendation of chief election commissioner.
  • With the improvement of technologies, election commission introduced EVM (electronic voting machine ) to improve election procedures. It was first tried in 1982  in Kerala for legislative assembly elections.
Functions of election commission
  • The main function of election commission is to conduct a fair election.
  • Election commission is responsible for declaring different important dates for election, vote counting, declararation of result.Every party needs to be recognized by election commission. They needs to register their electoral symbol..
  • Election commission examines the expenses of the candidates for the election.
  • Before every election, election commission declares a code of conduct to be followed by the parties.