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Interesting facts and information on Census 2011 of India

Census 2011 of India was the 15th census. The commissioner of 2011 Indian census was Shri C.Chandramouli. This census covered almost every town and villages in India.
census 2011 of india
  • According to this survey, total population of India is 1,210,569,573. Among this population 623,121,843 are male (51%) and 587,447,730 are female (48%).
  • Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India followed by Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Lakshadweep is the least populous Union Territory.
  • 2011 census shows increase in sex ratio. Sex ratio is increased from 933 to 940 in 2011. Kerala with 1084 has the highest sex ratio and Daman & Diu has the lowest sex ratio of 618.
  • A person (above age 7) who can read, write and understand any language is a literate person. The literacy rate calculated by taking all the population is called crude literacy rate and literacy rate calculated by taking only the people of age greater than or equal to age 7 is called effective literacy rate. The effective literacy rate in 2011 is increased to 74.04% from 64.83%.
  • Population density is increased to 382 people per sq. km from 324 people per sq km. 

 Quick Facts About Census 2011

Total Population 1,210,193,422
Male Population 623,724,248 (51.54%)
Female Population 586,469,174 (48.46%)
Population Density 382 per sq. km
Sex Ratio 940 females per 1000 males
Literacy 77, 84, 54,120 (74.04 %)
Literacy  Female 33, 42, 50,358 (65.46 %)
Literacy  Male 44, 42, 03,762 (82.14 %)

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