Interesting facts and biography of king Harsha Vardhana

Harsha Vardhana was an ancient emperor who ruled the Indian subcontinent. After the Gupta Dynasty’s downfall, it was Harsha Vardhana who united the northern India and established a strong empire.
Harsha Vardhana empire
Harsha Vardhana's Empire
  • Harsha Vardhana was the son of Prabhakara Vardhana, founder of Vardhan Dynasty. Rajya Vardhana was the elder brother of Harsha Vardhana.
  • After the death of Prabhakara Vardhana, Rajya Vardhana became the king. But Raj Vardhana was get murdered by king of Gauda, Sasanka. At that moment, Harsha ascended the throne. He was only sixteen at that time. Ascending the throne he declared battle against Sasanka. But only after the death of Sasanka, he was able to won Gauda.
  • He was abled to bring entire northern India into his kingdom. He won Kannauj, West Bengal, Bihar, Dhruvasena, Ganjam , Punjab. But he lost to Pulakesi II, the Chalukya King of Vatapi. Thus his kingdom was only extended to the border of Narmada River. Southern India was left untouched by him.
  • Harsha Vardhana was also a great author. He wrote three plays in Sanskrit-Nagananda, Ratnavali and Priyadarsika. His court had many great people. His court poet Bana wrote Harsha Charitha.
  • He was a Mahayana Buddhist. But he was open minded and gave freedom to his people to follow any religion. He build many stupas in the name of Buddha.
  • During his time Nalanda University was the centre of education. He donated to the university. Many seals of him were found in the university.
  • Chinese pilgrim Hieun Tsang visited at that time and wrote many things about the king in his book  Si-Yu-Ki which means My Experiences.
  • He died in 647 A.D. After his death his empire again broke down into smaller regions.

Quick Facts About Harsha Vardhana

Name: Harsha Vardhana
Family: Father:Prabhakara Vardhana Brother: Rajya Vardhana
Famous for: Emperor, Poet
Wrote: Plays:Nagananda, Ratnavali and Priyadarsika
Died: 647 A.D.