Interesting facts and information about mughal empire and emperors

Mughal Empire is one of the longest running empire in India. They ruled India about 300 years. In this time India got inspired by their culture and art.
mughal empire flag
Flag of Mughal Empire

  • Babur was the founder of Mughal Empire in India. In1526, Babur defeated the Ibrahim Shah Lodhi, at the First Battle of Panipat and started mughal reign in India. Bahadur Shah 2 was the last emperor of mughal dynasty. He was exiled by the British after the Indian Rebellion of 1857.
  • At their best time, they controlled the large part of Indian subcontinent. From Balochistan in the west to Bengal in the east and from Kashmir in the north to the Kaveri basin in the south.
  • The word Mughal is came from the ‘Mongal’. The people of the Moghulistan were called Mongals.

Some famous Mughal Emperors

Emperor D.O.B Duration Death Facts
Babur Feb 23, 1483 1526–1530 Dec 26, 1530
  • Founder of Mughal empire in India
  • He was the descendant of Genghis Khan
  • Defeated Sultan Ibrahim Shah Lodi at the First Battle of Panipat.(1526) and defeated Rana Sanga of Mewar in the battle of Khanua(1527).
  • His autobiography was Tazuk-i-Baburi ( in Turkish)
Humayun Mar 6, 1508 1530–1540,1555-1556 Jan 1556
  • He was defeated in the battle of Chausa (1539) by Sher Shah Suri and remained exiled from India till 1555. He was able to regain the empire in 1555.
  • His tomb is the prototype of Taj Mahal.
  • Humayun-Nama was the biography of Humayan written by his sister Gulbadan Begam.
Akbar Nov 14, 1542 1556–1605 Oct 27, 1605
  • Most famous Mughal emperor. Also known as Akbar the Great.
  • He defeated Hindu King Hemu in the second battle of Panipat (1556) and defeated Rana Pratap in the battle of Haldighati (1576).
  • He built Agra Fort (1565), Lahore Palace(1572), Fatehpur Sikri, Bulan Darwaza and Allahabad fort (1583)
  • Akbarnama and Ain-I-Akbari were the biographies of Akbar written by his court poet Abul Fazal.
Jahangir Oct 1569 1605–1627 1627
  • His son became rebel against him.
  • He was the first who started relationship with the East India Company.
  • He built Moti Masjid at agra
  • Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri was the biography of him.
Shah Jahan Jan 5, 1592 1627–1658 1666
  • He was the founder of many great architecture including Taj Mahal
  • He married to Mumtaz Mahal and after her death, built Taj Mahal in the memory of his loving wife.
  • He also built Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Jahangir mausoleum, and Shalimar Gardens in Lahore
  • His son Aurangzeb imprisoned him.
Aurangzeb Oct 21, 1618 1658–1707 Mar 3, 1707
  • He was the last famous mughal emperor.
  • He killed his brothers and imprisoned his father to take the throne.
  • He expanded his empire and implied some ruthless rules in the society.