Muhammad bin Tughluq:facts,biography,history

Muhammad bin Tughluq also known as Jauna Khan was a sultan of delhi. He is famous for many reasons in Indian history. He was a very talented person but due to impatience and lack of judgement he did not turned into a good emperor.
coin of Muhammad bin Tughluq
Coin of Muhammad bin Tughluq
  • Muhammad bin Tughluq was the son of Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, the founder of Tughlaq dynasty.
  • He became the sultan after the death of his father in 1325. He ruled for about 26 years till his death on 20 March 1351.
  • He was a genius and had interest in astronomy, logic and mathematics. He learnt many languages like Persian, Arabic, and Turkish. He also had knowledge in Medicine. Historian Lane Pole believed that he was a man beyond his age.
  • As a sultan he took some steps to improve the condition of his kingdom. His ideas behind the steps he took were great. But his impatience failed him to imply them properly. As a result his policies became a reason behind the decline of his kingdom.
  • He was an open minded king. During his time people had the freedom to choose any religion.  

Some wrong policies of Muhammad bin Tughluq

Policy Reason Why Failed
Transfer of Capital from Delhi to Daulatabad Daulatabad was located in the centre of his kingdom. He thought it would help him to control the whole kingdom from there.
It was safe from the attacks of Mongals.
It was easy to control the southern part of his kingdom.
He forced the people of delhi to leave with him.
After some years he changed his mind and retransfer his capital from daulatabad to delhi.
Many people died in this transfer process.
Changing of Silver coins into Bronze Coins At that time there was a depletion of silver.
It costs less to make bronze coins.
New coins were easy to forge. He didn't took any steps to stop forging of coins.
Increment of tax in Doab To increase the profit of government.
Doab was a rich area form other places in agriculture.
collected the increased tax when the production of corn were not good.