Facts and Information about Nalanda University: Indias first University

nalanda unversity
Nalanda University

Nalanda was an ancient Indian university. It was one of the famous universities of the world. It was the first Indian residential university.
  • Nalanda University was located at Bihar. It was about 88 kilometers away from Patna.
  • Nalanda University was established during the Gupta Dynasty. It remained as a best university for a long time until Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed it.
  • The information about Nalanda University is known to us because of Chinese pilgrim Xuanzang (Hiuen-Tsang). He visited the university and left much information about the university in his writing.
  • About 10,000 students and 2000 teachers were there in the university. Students were come from all over the world (Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, and Persia). The admission process of the university was very strict. Students have to go through different tests to prove their ability.
  • The university covered a large area about 14 hectares. University had 10 temples, many classrooms and meditation centers and a big library. Many people even today get astonished by the architecture of the building.
  • Library of the Nalanda University was divided into three buildings- Ratnasagara, Ratnadadhi and Ratnaranjaka. Among this building, Ratnasagara was nine storeyed building. The library did not only contain religious manuscripts but it had a large collection of books on literature, astrology, astronomy, and medicine. Vastness of the library can be understand from the fact that it took three months to burn down when invaders set fire to it.
  • The Nalanda University had a great influence of Buddhism. Many Buddhist taught at Nalanda. It is believed that Buddha was stayed at the university many times.
  • It is reported that India with other countries planning to revive the university and A P J Abdul Kalam is helping in that.