Interesting facts and biography of Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry is an Indian scientist. He is well known for his work on sixth sense. He is a computer scientist and had done many good projects such as Mouseless and sparsh.
  • Pranav Mistry was born on 14 May 1981 in Palanpur, Gujarat, India.
  • He collected his bachelor degree in computer science and engineering form Nirma Institute of Technology. He got his Master of design degree from IIT-Bombay. He also has a Master's degree in Media Arts and Sciences which he has collected from the MIT.
pranav mistry
Pranav Mistry
  • Pranav has also worked for Microsoft as a UX researcher. He now works for the Samsung electronics as the Director of Research.
  • He has invented sixth sense device. This device basically is a combination of a mini projector, camera, sensors and computing device. People can wear the device as a pendent. With this device people can use their fingers to interact with different objects they have around themselves.
  • Besides sixth sense he has also invented Mouseless (An invisible mouse with infrared laser and infrared camera), SPARSE (a way to easily transfer data from one device to another by simply touch gestures) , Blinkbot (a system which use users blink to control a robot).
  • Popular science awarded best invention of the year to Pranav Mistry in 2009 for the invention of sixth sense. He also won 2009 TR35 award by Technology Review.

 Quick Facts about Pranav Mistry

Name: Pranav Mistry
D.O.B: 14 May 1981
Education: Nirma Institute of Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Invention: Sixth Sense, Mouseless, SPARSE
Awards: 2009 Invention Award By Popular Science
2009 TR35 by Technology Review